What is Profanity?

I have recently heard several inquiries regarding what is considered profanity. Mormons and American have a distorted view of what is profane.

As far as what American culture considers profanity, this presents a problem because what is considered profanity in England is not considered profanity here. Which standard does a person go by when speaking since words that are offensive in American are not offensive in other parts of the world? What is considered profane language is different from country to country and culture to culture? That is a mess of confusion.

To Swear, Hebraically (Biblically), is to bear false witness, to give false testimony. There is nothing about what Americans, or any other culture for that matter, consider profanity in the scriptures. Profane, Biblically, means to make something common that is holy. Thus using the name of God in a way to cuss or express anger is profane. Taking the name of God in vain means to say God has said things he has not said. In short, to put words in the mouth of God.


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