Warning to the United States

God has been sending warnings to this nation, meaning the United States, for over 100 years. What we call “progressive” is a result of people choosing to remain in a state of disobedience. Progressivism is not just the tolerance of sin; it is the promotion of sin. The leaders, from all groups – political, business, and religious, rejected God in the first part of the 20th century. The populace has rejected God in the second part of the 20th century.

“The last day” or last days as used in scripture is a day of judgment. The earth doesn’t blow up. The Kingdom of God is now, the Messiah already reigns and He will “clean house”. As the Book of Mormon states, God uses the wicked to destroy the wicked. The sword of justice hangs over the United States. We have permitted the rise of secret combinations at all levels and in all areas. We endorse them; we love money and material possessions. We are in a condition where we state that the acceptance of sin is normal and preferable to the keeping of the commandments of God.

God will pass judgment upon the United States and upon the LDS People. The LDS People have neglected their charge and have become haughty, puffed-up, and totally enthralled by the authority they think they possess. Because you claim to sit in Joseph’s seat does not mean you have the gifts, the charges (or in your vernacular, “keys”), or the same blessings the Lord offered him. The Pharisees claimed to sit in Moses seat; and they were rejected because of their rebellion.

Why won’t you repent of your idolatry? Why do you insist in perpetuating rebellion? Worshiping a man (or woman) is the same as worshiping stone or wood. You believe yourselves to be so important, believing God needs you to do His work. He created the heavens and the earth? Why would He need you to do His work?

Discard your idols. Go to them no more. They cannot save you. They do not provide for you. Do you believe you have all that you have because of your own genius? Are you so wise and self-important to believe that God cannot pass you by and choose whom He will choose? Did God need to consult you to create the heavens? Did God need to ask your permission to form the earth? Did God need your input when He created you?

Why do you insist in putting your faith in idols and men? God has his priesthood, but not all priesthood is of God. Why do you adorn yourselves with the priesthood of Satan? Why the priesthood of Satan? Because you have rejected the cornerstone, you reject the Messiah, the son of the Living God by your priesthood. You reject His atoning sacrifice. You reject His commandments. You reject His word. You stroll around as if in robes made for king, all the while failing to realize you are covered in filthy rags. You do not seek righteous justice. Instead you rob from the poor and steal from the blind, hiding behind your pretended justice; all the while building your secret combinations and works of darkness.

Stop taking bribes to pervert justice. Stop setting yourselves up as the light. Stop making prayers and praying to the queen of heaven. Since when did God ever sanction such a thing? Ancient Israel had offerings to the queen of heaven in their mountains and forests, and they were destroyed for their idolatry and rebellion. Do not believe you can find sanctuary for your idolatry in this covenant land. This is God’s land, not yours, and since when has God ever recognized the claims of man? Do you desire to become like the whores of Samaria and Jerusalem? You sell yourselves for fame, money, and the honors of the world, all the while telling yourself, you are liberated and free, all the while not feeling the chains the devil has placed upon you.

Put away that rebellious spirit of Jezebel, lest the dogs eat your flesh. Jezebel sought for fame, riches and power. She had no desire to know the Living God. She encouraged lies, the worship of Baal and Ashtoreth, and all manner of filthiness. Jezebel was self-important, a narcissist, and the same spirit is rampant among you now.

Christ is the light and the life of the world. All you have is because of Him. Return to the beginning, meaning – return to the Messiah, Jesus Christ, all your blessings are because of Him. Do not seek to thrust yourselves into the Throne Room of Heaven making claims of righteousness, instead Knock and ask for entry into the inner court. Be willing to do what God has already decreed through His commandments and through His word. God does not contradict Himself. He is consistent and does not change. Do you desire to be clean before God? Put away your idols. Put away your secret works of darkness. Humble yourselves before Him. Recognize Him as your only King and cease praying to the queen of heaven or any other idol. He is the only one to whom you should pray. Ask for guidance, with a sincere heart, a broken heart, and contrite spirit and God of Heaven and Earth will answer.


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